Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raw Pets

A few months ago, we switched our pets to raw food because our black labrador retriever, Nova got sick from the dry food we had bought. When we first switched, we bought a product called Primal Patties, which is somewhat expensive. Then we decided to make our own to save money.

The information out there can be overwhelming and daunting. Somehow we get it in our heads that pets need a precise nutrional balance, this supplement or that, yet that's not what would happen in the wild. They would eat instinctively and get what they needed when they needed it. Or they would make do with what's available. It's not precise or accurate.

So we stopped worrying about finding the perfect formula. We bought a meat grinder and grind up whole chickens so that they get every part - organs, skin, meat, bones - in the balance that nature would provide. We add in whatever we have on hand for vegetable scraps and a light sprinkle of sea salt. The dogs, being omnivores, get some brown rice or oatmeal mixed in occasionally. The cats, being true carnivores, get some veggies, but no grains. In fact, when we give them a mix with grains, they pick it out! They know what they should and shouldn't be eating.

The results? All animals are at a healthy weight now. Nova had joints problems and they have completely cleared up. Her coat is so shiny and soft now. It has truly helped her. But alas, as I will always maintain, raw food is not a pancea or a cure for everything. Unfortunatley, it wasn't enough to help our other dog Tagger, who we had to put down recently because of a tumor in his head. But despite this, I will still keep feeding my pets this way because I see it helps. Not because I see it as some sort of miracle that could have stopped Tagger from getting his angel wings. We'll miss you Tagger.